Tag information

The @-tags are used for gifts and commissions made by other artists and character ownership markings. The @name indicates the artist who created the art. This is to distinguish artist's works from his characters present in my works, in case they have same name.

Exclamation tags
This gallery has some categorizing tags marked with exclamation ("!") and a couple of letters. Below is the list of those tags and what they mean.
  • !MC - My Characters, this tag is present on all the submissions featuring any of my characters
  • !FC - Friendly characters, this tag is present on all the submissions featuring characters made by someone else, usually my friends. That includes both original furries and characters based on any franchise.
  • !G - Gifts by other artists
  • !CR - Commissions and rewards (from e.g. Patreon) by other artists
  • !Q - Quickies, bits of art I've done quickly for practice or joy, without giving much attention to detail
  • !U - Unfinished works and sketches
  • !I - Interactions (Asks, rolepalay etc)

Unused tags (for future submissions)
  • !E - Edit or colorization of someone elses work, posted with the permission from the original artist. Can also include edits of my own works by myself
  • !SFW - For future non-lewd posts if there'd be any here
  • !A - Animated stuff